Live Gaming Events and Upcoming Game Conferences

Video games have come a long way, and it has not only improved technology but also the market’s size. With this, it makes sense that events catering related to this are sprouting everywhere. Canada cup gaming is organizing the biggest live gaming event in Canada, which is specialized in brainstorming, producing, creating, and executing live video game tours and events for the top tier game publisher.

With the advent of technology, online video gaming has become a hobby for most of the youngsters. Some young people have even made online video gaming as their profession and are earning a big amount of money from it. Not just video games, but several conferences are also arranged for the game lovers in Canada. To get the latest updates on upcoming game conferences in Canada, visit our website, and you will be aware of all the latest updates. Get associated with us and make your gaming experience a fantastic one!

Canada Cup Gaming 2019

Canada Video Game Tournament We’re happy to finally announce Canada Cup Gaming 2019. This will be our 10th year putting on top tier tournaments, and this year we’re coming home. In 2010, Canada Cup Gaming started in Calgary. We’ve done big shows in...